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Al Arabia Heavy Equipment Delivers An Impressive 10 units of Daewoo Trucks to MACE Qatar. (October 31st, 2018)



On the 31st October 2018 they sold 10 Daewoo Trucks to MACE Qatar. This should not be underestimated, as MACE is central to infrastructure development in Qatar.

Obviously, MACE are keen to deal with companies that exhibit the same versatility and reliability that puts them at the heart of construction, operation & maintenance and many other essential developments within the country.


As the authorized dealer of Daewoo Trucks, Al Arabia Heavy Equipment is the go-to company for heavy equipment.


Their aim has been to off er the highest level of professionalism and services to every client.


Safety, Fuel-effi ciency, Comfort and Durability Safety, Fuel-effi ciency, Comfort and Durability are the business core objectives.



Daewoo Truck has outstanding driving and handling characteristics
and is perfectly suited for the challenges presented in Qatar.


Its superb comfort and convenience begins with a spacious interior, a
powerful and rugged power train, unrivalled hauling capability including hill-climbing performance.


Impressively, it is built to handle around-the-clock high-speed operations that will enhance the bottom line of any company working within the construction sector.


Equipped with a powerful, dependable engine, it leads the way in performance and features especially over tough terrain.


Al Arabia believes that whether you are searching for logistic, transportation or construction applications, Daewoo Truck is the most appropriate answer in todays market.