Daewoo Trucks expanded its foray in Western Africa.


With products ranging from Tractors, Dumpers and Cargo trucks- West Africa looks like a promising market for Daewoo trucks.


Started in 2016 with trial units in Ivory Coast, Ghana and Senegal the brand is well established now among the fleet owners who have used the trucks in various applications like mining, beverage, cement, farm produce etc.


With the success in tough operating conditions, the brand is all set to enter into neighbouring markets like Nigeria, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Mali and Morocco.


In early 2019, Daewoo Trucks will start assembly operations in Nigeria which will be third assembly business in Africa apart from South Africa and Kenya.


Daewoo trucks offer Euro 1 and Euro 2 products in these markets which are best suited for the available fuel.


Products also offers reliability and durability at affordable prices proving to be vehicles with lowest cost of ownership for the owners.