[South Korea]


Daewoo Trucks has released the overseas story of the “Daewoo Truck Storytelling Competition” for customers around the world.

The contest for overseas stories was received by Daewoo Trucks to communicate with overseas customers. Daewoo Trucks has been exporting 50,000 medium and Heavy trucks to 107 countries around the world since 1996, and currently exports to over 50 countries mainly in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Mr. Botha, who works for Guy Transport in South Africa, is a customer who operates in South Africa and in neighboring Africa.

And he said, when purchasing a vehicle in South Africa, it carefully examines the costs of truck prices, tire prices, and fuel prices, which are the most necessary factors for recovering initial investment costs.
In that sense, Daewoo Truck praised drivers for their best conditions, showing advantages in fuel economy with strong torque and average speed.

Mr. Charles Mosena (Driver) said Daewoo Trucks' driving comfort is the greatest advantage and the smoothness of gear shifting is the best.

Kuwait's Sudhanshu said that Daewoo Trucks, which has been together for nearly 10 years, is a life truck, and that Daewoo Truck's unique service is a factor that can continue to be selected.


Finally, Talbi Ali of Algeria has been in the transportation business and has been with many brands, but when he was with Daewoo Truck, the company's sales peaked and he chose it as a life truck. Of course, there were many necessary factors for success, but the satisfaction was high because of the availability of genuine parts of Daewoo trucks.

Most of the overseas stories of the story telling competition attracted attention because they consisted of stories about fuel economy, power and service satisfaction of Daewoo vehicles.

Daewoo will launch at least three light truck models weighing 2.5 tons to 3.5 tons per vehicle to achieve a market share of 30 percent in the domestic light truck market in the next five years.



(Source : gpkorea@gpkorea.com)